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Winner and recipient of 13 International, North American, Industry Competitions and Awards since 2010 James is a graduate from Italy's world famous Carpigiani Gelato University. He would like to welcome you to his greatest gelato adventure yet - 'Gelato by James.'


Gelato is more than a recipe book for others to follow or even the equipment and ingredients themselves. It is similar to an artist who holds a paint brush and paint, staring at a blank canvas. It is the artist who transforms his ideas, his vision onto a painting which reflects the artist themselves. In the restaurant world, why does a Michelin Star Chef achieve so much more with similar ingredients and equipment that is available to other Chefs?


James believes it is about one's attitude to never give up and a curiosity to always learn. He believes it is about attention to the smallest details every step of the gelato process from working with local farmers, using the freshest and tastiest local ingredients when possible and understanding what motivates you 86,400 seconds a day.


Gelato was created from a beautiful past starting in Italy and is quickly changing in a world of new ingredients , advances in technology. better equipment and  innovative culinary techniques perfected by world class Chef's. While we must learn and honour the past, a  gelato maker makes a choice  every day to stay comfortably in how they make gelato or  challenge themselves to learn and get better.  This quest for James is about testing the boundary of what is possible to try the impossible. He relies on his teachings from Italy, his years of opening and running gelato shops, his competitive spirit and global experiences, but most importantly he relies on following his heart and soul.


So, thank you for your continued support and encouragement since that very first day in June 2010 when he made his first gelato at Bella Gelateria. His next gelato chapter will be written together with you, but  this time with his name on it, this time the real James in person, this time  it  is 'Gelato by James'.


"Gelato is more than a recipe, it is a window to your soul. It is designed and

crafted around your personality, your life's philosophy, your desire and your attitude."

- Grande Maestro James Coleridge

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