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Winner and recipient of more than 11 International, USA, Canadian and Industry Competitions and Awards since 2010, a Graduate from Italy's Carpigiani Gelato University, James welcomes you to his greatest gelato adventure yet.


After co-founding world famous Bella Gelateria in 2010 and recently helping an investor group set up a gelato business in Vancouver, he finally wanted to make a gelato that he could put his name behind. A gelato that was about quality, that was about innovation and a gelato that was his.


Gelato is more than a recipe book for others to follow or even the equipment and ingredients themselves. It is similar to an artist who holds a paint brush and paint, staring at a blank canvas. It is the artist who transforms his ideas, his vision into a painting which reflects the artist themselves. Or why does a Michelin Star Chef achieve so much more with similar ingredients and equipment that is available to other Chefs?


James believes it is about attitude and a desire to always learn and make better gelato. James believes it is about attention to small details at every step of the gelato process from choosing the right local farmers to moment the customer tries your gelato. He believes it is about an personal inner desire that we can always do better, that we can always improve.


The gelato world is changing fast with ingredients and culinary techniques which as a Gelato Master you can either stay comfortably in the past or you can challenge yourself and lead into the future. You can build systems to produce lots of gelato the easy way or you can make gelato like an artist. For James when he makes his gelato he not only relies on his schooling from Italy and his experience, but more importantly he follows his heart.


So, thank you for all your tremendous support and continued encouragement in the past. James looks forward to writing the next chapter with you.


"Gelato is more than a recipe, it is a window to your soul. It is designed and

crafted around your personality, your life's philosophy, your desire and your attitude."

- Grande Maestro James Coleridge

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