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2 hours of Eat, Play and Learn !


chance to learn about gelato, taste lots of flavours and have some fun.

Prefect for date night, girls night out, wedding parties, corporate events, team building, and family fun. Students get a chance to hear about the history of gelato, the science of it's frozen but soft and in some dates you even get a chance to make it. Every student even gets a complimentary pint of a flavour of their choosing at the end of the class. Plus all students get a Gelato 101 certificate of participation signed by world renowned Maestro James Coleridge.

Topics covered:

  • The history of gelato

  • Difference between gelato, ice cream and sorbetto

  • Sugar and it's role

  • Alcohol and it's impact

  • Chocolate and the differences

  • Prepare and make a flavour together (some locations and dates)

  • Recipes for home making by Maestro James Coleridge himself

These classes will be held in gelateria's:

- Vancouver with Doro Gelato on Robson Street

- Richmond with Gelateria Del Mare in Steveson




Individual/pairs - All classes will have a maximum of 10 people at $50 per person which gets you the class and 1/2 kilo of gelato of your choice.


Group/Family - Group booking and corporate, team building events are available of only 3 per month, please email if you would like to apply for this limited edition event.

Bookings will be done through Gelato by James Eventbrite page and will be open for booking July 1st and July 15th. Last time James did these 300 seats sold out in 2 minutes and a waiting list of over 100 people was added for future events. Set your timer and GOOD LUCK getting a seat, click fast or someone will take your space.

Just some of the articles on James' Gelato 101 classes in the past....

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