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James' works with groups developing, gelato, ice cream and frozen desserts businesses and projects.


His education, experience, expertise and numerous international competitions and industry awards, James can help new and existing businesses in the gelato and/or ice cream market worldwide. Building world class brands, generating millions of annual sales to a small start up idea James works with people and companies to ensure that their interest and investment learns from the years he has put into building his world class brand, reputation and competitive gelato and ice cream.

Areas of expertise and where James can really help is;

  • brand building

  • designing a new gelato/ice cream business

  • expanding an existing business

  • developing recipes

  • refining recipes

  • finding the right equipment to meet your philosophy or goals

  • competitive advantages and increasing sales

  • social media strategies in your market

  • developing cultural flavours by ingredients and marketing them effectively

  • transitioning from education to execution of your ideas and dreams

  • using his 11 International, North American competition wins and Industry Awards to YOUR advantage.

  • Be there for you when there are more questions than answers.

If you would like to work with James he would be happy to speak with you, talk about his projects and companies he has helped and is working with on their goals and dreams. James will consider your project and if your goals are the same and your vision is in keeping with his brand, then you will be able to learn, work with and take advantage of his over 10 years of experience and more than 11 International, North American competition wins, awards and Industry Titles. It all starts with an email and phone call to see if your dreams can benefit from James' brand and desire to be the best.

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