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Thank you so much for the fun learning classes I have held over the years with Bella Gelateria and Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts.


I get lost of requests from home users, professionals here in Vancouver and around the world. Lots of ZOOM conferencing these COVID days and planning to bring Gelato 101 back soon with some very cool and fun options for individuals, friends, companies and foodies. 


Stay tuned as I loved meet some fellow gelato/ice cream fans, having fun, learning, making and eating gelato together.

Maestro James



Classes I have held in the past:

Chocoholics Unite - Maestro James first learned about Chocolate in his Carpigiani Gelato University Classes and even went on to take a special class in Italy. You’ll learn about the difference from milk to dark chocolate and the why cocoa is so healthy and yummy.  You’ll make a milk chocolate gelato and his creamy and famous Dark Chocolate sorbetto. If you like chocolate THIS class is for YOU!

Number One! - One of Maestro James’ perfectly paired flavours in one class. You’ll make two of James’ most popular selling flavours – Vancouver Island Salted Caramel and his Lemon Sherbet. Learn not only about different caramels but also why he loves Vancouver Island Sea Salt. During the class you will be squeezing fresh lemons and learning the Persian influence and history on Sherbet. ​

No-Moo Here, Vegan Only! - Beyond tradition, the use of coconut water and cashew milk…so why is it creamy? We will make a lemon raspberry sorbetto and cashew-based gelato. The use of alternative milks and away from dairy is NOT a trend – it is a health choice. We will talk about how to make non-dairy creamy and smooth as well as why we do not use white processed sugar. Plant based is here to stay and if made right will confuse the dairy lovers and convert them to the plant side!

Booze and Beyond - Ok so alcohol and ice cream combined – cannot get better! We will discuss using local beers, wines, hard alcohol and whiskey. We will make a Maestro James’ famous Chocolate scotch Gelato and a white wine sorbetto. Lots of lessons about working with alcohol ranging from 5% beers, 15% wine, hard liquors at 40% and single cask strength scotches at over 50% alcohol. Yes Maestro James did take a specialty class on alcohol at Carpigiani Gelato University in Italy. And what the heck is a boozicle?

Coffee, Tea or You - Learn about cool techniques to infuse tea, matcha and coffee into your gelato. From Earl Grey, Rooibos, Matcha to an espresso flavour. You’ll be making one of Maestro James’ more popular flavours - white coffee gelato (yes there is such a thing) and his Bailey’s Irish Coffee gelato. He does NOT burn off the alcohol so come with some energy to keep up.

Go Nuts - Choices, choices, choices, but you will go nuts for this class – ha ha (had to say that one). During the class you will make a pistachio and James’ 2012 and 2014 award winning Toasted Pecan gelato. 

Always a Kid - Designed for children 8 – 12, this class will be a fun pack time about the science of gelato and ice cream. The children will be full participating in the class and work with ingredients and learning about the how’s of being a gelato Master. They will make a chocolate gelato and using frozen organic local raspberries for our Berry Gelato.

Yes I would love ❤️ to get in on one of these classes.....One Click away!

Just some of the articles on James' Gelato 101 classes in the past when he was with Bella Gelateria....

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