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Clouds tell us so much...

I have always believed that Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Almost like when two people lying down in a field looking up into the blue sky at clouds. What you see is yours!

We we are young, we are invincible, we are daring, we try new ideas, we ask questions, we have few fears. But then something happens, we change. We stop taking risks, we are afraid of failure and we start to fit in.

Imagine if that version of you still existed today you would be an artist, an inventor, someone who looks at everything different. With a fresh curiosity you would ask lots of questions and want to learn more. This we learn early in life and then our surroundings, the people around us and mostly ourselves we just stop all that attitude that the world is beautiful and you want to learn more. It is ok to be scared, it is ok to feel vulnerable, it is ok to have questions but don't ask. This is fairly normal, but what if you wanted to change to rediscover that early energy and open eyes. You get one life, you get each day, you get 86,400 seconds a day. Like everyone else, it is the same time, but what you do with the time you are blessed with is YOUR choice.

Chose to surround yourself with people that will not judge you, but love you unconditionally. Find people that will inspire you and encourage that hidden and buried side of you to be an adventurer, an explorer, an innovator. Too many people today try to fit in, when we should find our inner peace with ourself.

With gelato, my attitude is to ask questions, to learn why, to try and see the impossible as possible. I learned this from my parents at an early age, mostly my Mom, the artist in the family. She always said 'Just try, what can go wrong, you just have to try again until it works.' Gelato for me is a beautiful space bound by science but shaped by desire and attitude. I understand the need to fit in and the need to make gelato that people like, but I definitely make it MY way.

In a Gelateria setting or shop I would rather use fresh mango's I peel, then a bought puree. Yes, on a large scale or pints or production, I understand the need to use the best possible but on a larger scale and that is ok with me. But in a gelateria, there is the easy way and there is YOUR way. It does not make either right or wrong in the gelato world, but you need to make gelato for you first and define what that it is. Some ways are to have a tasting committee and and a consensus, but my style is similar to an Executive Chef. You listen to people, but at the end of the day, the customers tastes the gelato or food and it is my way.

Attitude is a part in the designing of gelato and for me it is a big difference in the gelato, the brand and the position you want in the gelato world.

Dare to ask questions, dare to challenge, dare to try. Look up into the clouds and dream, it is yours.

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