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Desire, attitude and courage may drive you to take a step towards your gelato dream, but it is the process of learning, listening, watching and trying that will ultimately determine what your gelato will become.


Recipes are a fantastic starting point, but always remember that gelato does not make itself. You, the gelato maker transforms recipes into magic - you make the difference between a good gelato and a great gelato.


Follow your dreams, be curious, innovate and make gelato an adventure. Go learn, ask questions, explore ideas and then make your gelato a reflection of you. Your desires, your techniques, your values and your attitude. Have courage to take that first step and never forget, there is only one of you in the world. The gelato world will be blessed and a better place with your beautiful differences. Learn to make your gelato, yes from schools and mentors, but more importantly make it with your heart and soul. Trust yourself, it's perfectly you!

- Maestro James Coleridge

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